Opuscula Math. 39, no. 6 (2019), 829-837

Opuscula Mathematica

Lightweight paths in graphs

Jochen Harant
Stanislav Jendrol'

Abstract. Let \(k\) be a positive integer, \(G\) be a graph on \(V(G)\) containing a path on \(k\) vertices, and \(w\) be a weight function assigning each vertex \(v\in V(G)\) a real weight \(w(v)\). Upper bounds on the weight \(w(P)=\sum_{v\in V(P)}w(v)\) of \(P\) are presented, where \(P\) is chosen among all paths of \(G\) on \(k\) vertices with smallest weight.

Keywords: weighted graph, lightweight path.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C22, 05C3.

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  • Communicated by Adam Paweł Wojda.
  • Received: 2019-06-27.
  • Revised: 2019-09-12.
  • Accepted: 2019-09-12.
  • Published online: 2019-11-22.
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Jochen Harant, Stanislav Jendrol', Lightweight paths in graphs, Opuscula Math. 39, no. 6 (2019), 829-837, https://doi.org/10.7494/OpMath.2019.39.6.829

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