Opuscula Math. 40, no. 5 (2020), 617-627

Opuscula Mathematica

On 2-rainbow domination number of functigraph and its complement

Athena Shaminezhad
Ebrahim Vatandoost

Abstract. Let \(G\) be a graph and \(f:V (G)\rightarrow P(\{1,2\})\) be a function where for every vertex \(v\in V(G)\), with \(f(v)=\emptyset\) we have \(\bigcup_{u\in N_{G}(v)} f(u)=\{1,2\}\). Then \(f\) is a \(2\)-rainbow dominating function or a \(2RDF\) of \(G\). The weight of \(f\) is \(\omega(f)=\sum_{v\in V(G)} |f(v)|\). The minimum weight of all \(2\)-rainbow dominating functions is \(2\)-rainbow domination number of \(G\), denoted by \(\gamma_{r2}(G)\). Let \(G_1\) and \(G_2\) be two copies of a graph G with disjoint vertex sets \(V(G_1)\) and \(V(G_2)\), and let \(\sigma\) be a function from \(V(G_1)\) to \(V(G_2)\). We define the functigraph \(C(G,\sigma)\) to be the graph that has the vertex set \(V(C(G,\sigma)) = V(G_1)\cup V(G_2)\), and the edge set \(E(C(G,\sigma)) = E(G_1)\cup E(G_2 \cup \{uv ; u\in V(G_1), v\in V(G_2), v =\sigma(u)\}\). In this paper, \(2\)-rainbow domination number of the functigraph of \(C(G,\sigma)\) and its complement are investigated. We obtain a general bound for \(\gamma_{r2}(C(G,\sigma))\) and we show that this bound is sharp.

Keywords: 2-rainbow domination number, functigraph, complement, cubic graph.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C69, 05C75.

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  • Athena Shaminezhad
  • Imam Khomeini International University, Department of Basic Science, Nouroozian Street, Qazvin, Iran
  • Ebrahim Vatandoost (corresponding author)
  • Imam Khomeini International University, Department of Basic Science, Nouroozian Street, Qazvin, Iran
  • Communicated by Dalibor Fronček.
  • Received: 2020-01-06.
  • Revised: 2020-06-04.
  • Accepted: 2020-07-07.
  • Published online: 2020-10-10.
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Athena Shaminezhad, Ebrahim Vatandoost, On 2-rainbow domination number of functigraph and its complement, Opuscula Math. 40, no. 5 (2020), 617-627, https://doi.org/10.7494/OpMath.2020.40.5.617

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