Opuscula Math. 43, no. 3 (2023), 429-453

Opuscula Mathematica

On local antimagic total labeling of complete graphs amalgamation

Gee-Choon Lau
Wai Chee Shiu

Abstract. Let \(G = (V,E)\) be a connected simple graph of order \(p\) and size \(q\). A graph \(G\) is called local antimagic (total) if \(G\) admits a local antimagic (total) labeling. A bijection \(g : E \to \{1,2,\ldots,q\}\) is called a local antimagic labeling of $ if for any two adjacent vertices \(u\) and \(v\), we have \(g^+(u) \ne g^+(v)\), where \(g^+(u) = \sum_{e\in E(u)} g(e)\), and \(E(u)\) is the set of edges incident to \(u\). Similarly, a bijection \(f:V(G)\cup E(G)\to \{1,2,\ldots,p+q\}\) is called a local antimagic total labeling of \(G\) if for any two adjacent vertices \(u\) and \(v\), we have \(w_f(u)\ne w_f(v)\), where \(w_f(u) = f(u) + \sum_{e\in E(u)} f(e)\). Thus, any local antimagic (total) labeling induces a proper vertex coloring of \(G\) if vertex \(v\) is assigned the color \(g^+(v)\) (respectively, \(w_f(u)\)). The local antimagic (total) chromatic number, denoted \(\chi_{la}(G)\) (respectively \(\chi_{lat}(G)\)), is the minimum number of induced colors taken over local antimagic (total) labeling of \(G\). In this paper, we determined \(\chi_{lat}(G)\) where \(G\) is the amalgamation ofcomplete graphs. Consequently, we also obtained the local antimagic (total) chromatic number of the disjoint union of complete graphs, and the join of \(K_1\) and amalgamation of complete graphs under various conditions. An application of local antimagic total chromatic number is also given.

Keywords: local antimagic (total) chromatic number, amalgamation, complete graphs.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C78, 05C15.

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  • Gee-Choon Lau (corresponding author)
  • ORCID iD https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9777-6571
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA (Segamat Campus), College of Computing, Informatics & Media, 85000 Johor, Malaysia
  • Communicated by Andrzej Żak.
  • Received: 2022-05-04.
  • Revised: 2023-03-27.
  • Accepted: 2023-03-28.
  • Published online: 2023-05-17.
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Gee-Choon Lau, Wai Chee Shiu, On local antimagic total labeling of complete graphs amalgamation, Opuscula Math. 43, no. 3 (2023), 429-453, https://doi.org/10.7494/OpMath.2023.43.3.429

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