Opuscula Math. 41, no. 2 (2021), 163-185

Opuscula Mathematica

The achromatic number of K6 □ K7 is 18

Mirko Horňák

Abstract. A vertex colouring \(f:V(G)\to C\) of a graph \(G\) is complete if for any two distinct colours \(c_1, c_2 \in C\) there is an edge \(\{v_1,v_2\}\in E(G)\) such that \(f(v_i)=c_i\), \(i=1,2\). The achromatic number of \(G\) is the maximum number \(\text{achr}(G)\) of colours in a proper complete vertex colouring of \(G\). In the paper it is proved that \(\text{achr}(K_6 \square K_7)=18\). This result finalises the determination of \(\text{achr}(K_6 \square K_q)\).

Keywords: complete vertex colouring, achromatic number, Cartesian product.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C15.

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  • Communicated by Adam Paweł Wojda.
  • Received: 2020-09-18.
  • Revised: 2021-01-06.
  • Accepted: 2021-01-27.
  • Published online: 2021-03-17.
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Mirko Horňák, The achromatic number of K6 □ K7 is 18, Opuscula Math. 41, no. 2 (2021), 163-185, https://doi.org/10.7494/OpMath.2021.41.2.163

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