Opuscula Math. 39, no. 2 (2019), 145-157

Opuscula Mathematica

Some remarks on the coincidence set for the Signorini problem

Miguel de Benito Delgado
Jesus Ildefonso Díaz

Abstract. We study some properties of the coincidence set for the boundary Signorini problem, improving some results from previous works by the second author and collaborators. Among other new results, we show here that the convexity assumption on the domain made previously in the literature on the location of the coincidence set can be avoided under suitable alternative conditions on the data.

Keywords: Signorini problem, coincidence set, location estimates, free boundary problem, contact problems.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 35J86, 35R35, 35R70, 35B60.

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  • Miguel de Benito Delgado
  • ORCID iD https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3045-3786
  • University of Augsburg, Department of Mathematics, 86159 Augsburg, Germany
  • appliedAI @ UnternehmerTUM GmbH, Lichtenbergstraße 6, D-85748 Garching, Germany
  • Communicated by Giovanni Molica Bisci.
  • Received: 2018-11-05.
  • Accepted: 2018-11-11.
  • Published online: 2018-12-07.
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Miguel de Benito Delgado, Jesus Ildefonso Díaz, Some remarks on the coincidence set for the Signorini problem, Opuscula Math. 39, no. 2 (2019), 145-157, https://doi.org/10.7494/OpMath.2019.39.2.145

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