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Absence of eigenvalues for integro-differential operators
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 5-14

On the existence of K-admissible limits of holomorphic maps
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 15-20

Large minimal irregular digraphs
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 21-24

On the circle criterion for boundary control systems in factor form
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 25-47

Arbitrarily vertex decomposable trees are of maximum degree at most six
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 49-62

The interpolation between the classical and monotone independence given by the twisted CCR
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 63-69

The multidimensional Delsarte transmutation operators, their differential-geometric structure and applications. Part 1
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 71-80

Classical and generalized invariant solutions of the relaxing hydrodynamics equations
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 81-94

Packing two copies of a tree into a planar graph
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 95-97

On some complex spline operators
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 99-115

Stability of forward finite difference schemes for certain problems in biology
Opuscula Math. 23 (2003), 117-124

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